Top 10 trending best java games for Samsung

Top 10 trending best java games for Samsung

  Top 10 trending best java games for Samsung (Android) #Download

Before knowing about the java game the first question that comes in everyone’s mind is:

What is JAVA?

So, first of all, it is very important to explain the term java. Java is a programing language that is used all around the world to make different software. I am one of the most trending programs and it is being loved all around the world. The designers know recommending java because it is very easy to operate. Java derives most of its syntax from:



It was developed in the middle of the 1990s. I have more than 40 million users from all around the world. Most of the app developers are now using and recommending java for APPs development. There are a lot of java games available on the internet which are very loved by the peoples all around the world. The java games for Samsung are played in many parts of the world and people are loving them.

Java also producer’s eye-catching browser run-up programs and the developers are enjoying it. The java apps run in a browser always with JVM. Most of the java games are also available on Android and are also very popular among the people. The reason for its popularity is its unique and extraordinary design.

Is java popularity reduced?

The popularity of java is reduced with time but it has not affected the java so much. There are a lot of competing programming software but they have their popularity. The new and modern programming software such as agile software, Exrsim software, etc. has been emerged with time and they have indeed effected java. If you go to the official website of java you can see the unending line of positive comments and their love for java. This thing shows the popularity of java. Some peoples think that java marketing has been almost ended which is a white lie. They are the peoples who want to promote their programs. The java is one of the most trending programming software of the era.

Java online classes:

If someone is interested in studying and becoming the expert of java you may visit the official website of the JAVA.

Also you can visit Online Dunya.

The developers have also started the online classes for java and they allow their users to become professionals. So if anyone of the reader is interested in java programming you may visit the site and take their service.

Now I will give you the best and top trending games of java program available on the internet. If you want to download the game copy the name of the game and paste it on your browser such as chrome browser and download it for free of cost. There are a lot of paid java games for Samsung but below are only free java games for Samsung. I will also provide you all the details about the game. So if you find any of them interesting you may download it easily. The following games are top-rated and I have organized them according to their rating on the internet and interest of the peoples. The game which is liked the most is present on the top of the list. These are the best games you should have been experienced in your whole life.

The PAID java games for Samsung and Android are also available on the internet. If you are interested to buy the game you should visit the official website of java (Link given above). Some people who have experience playing premium java games always recommend them because pf their if you are one of them you may visit java site and download your favorite game for Samsung or java from there.

The java games for Samsung and Android are also very (free) are also very interesting and enjoyable. The following are the best java games which will give you the same sort of entertainment as given by the #paid games of java.

Top 10 Java games For Samsung:

Artofwar 2

This is one of the best java game and it also comes on the trending page. It has a lot of installations and has positive reviews from the users. It is widely played by people from different parts of the world. Its reviews are 5 stars in the download list. It is fully free and you need to spend not a single dollar on it. So download it and enjoy the latest version of the game.

Devils and Demons

This game has more than 5K installations and positive reviews. This game has come into the market some months ago and the peoples have started sharing their amazing experience with this java game. The developers have made it very interesting and eye-catching. Its rating is 5 stars.

Star wars (Samsung stars)

This game proved it as a best of all it has more than 30k installations and the peoples has left uncountable positive reviews for it. This game is full of fight and thrill. The young youth has been very inspired by this game. The main this about this game is its adventure moves. the young boys and girls are very inspired by this game. Its rating is five stars.

Dog fight

It is a java Samsung game with more than 27k installs. The rating of this game is five stars and it is also one of the most enjoyable games of the world. If you want to download any one of the games please copy the name of game and search it on your browser and download it from there for free. Or you can also download it from the official website of java. The memory required for this game is only203 KBS.

Crazy hospital

The memory required for this java application is only 330 KBS and is fully supported by Samsung. The games which I am mention here are those which are loved by the peoples and on which the peoples leave their positive you may download and enjoy them. The rating of this game is five stars with a lot of positive reviews.


This app contains 4 stars and has more than 33 k installs. The memory which is required by this outstanding game is only 69 kbs. But some more memory is required to store the game data.

World of dragons

The space required for this wonderful game is 505 KBS. Some more memory is also required to store the data of the game. The rating of this game is 5 stars which recognize the love of this game to the people.


This game is available for Samsung E590 and the storage space which is required is only 284 kbs. The rating of this game is 5 stars.

Revival 2

This game is for Samsung S60 and is loved in public due to its uniqueness and beautiful design. The rating of this game is 5 stars and the space required for it is only 400 kbs. It also has more than 55k installs.

KGB swat

This is one of the most trending games of the java and it is for Samsung S60. It is full of adventure and enjoyment. The game has 5 number of rating stars and has unending lines of positive reviews. It is more than 11k installs.

Are java games available for android?

Many people ask the question that are the java games are also available for android? So the answer to this question is yes. There are a lot of java games which are available for android mobiles and are very famous among young ones. The youth like java games very much. The top trending games of java for android devices are the following. These are those games which are going on the top trend on the internet. The internet is full of positive reviews about them.

  1. Minecraft.
  2. Asphalt 6
  3. Assassins creed
  4. Avatar
  5. Block breaker 3

These were the top 5 top-rated and trending java games for the period. These are the games with the most installs and the people had shown the most positive response on them.

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